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Shoes of a Beginner, Mindset of a winner


First Project

This is my debut Album i feel that i accomplished many things myself. Mixing & mastering was only me and i learned and realized many things while listening to this after months being published to the public.

Shoes of A Beginner


I know I can change lives 

Held high in the simple city of Tomball, Cris Ponce, proficiently known as T.N.L.C, is fully wrapped up in music so he can share his knowledge with his audience.

After years of listening to many talented artists, he has found vast inspiration from American Hip-Hop Rappers - Logic, Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller, and many more. Tapping into his inner self to obtain a genuine mindset for his flow and rhymes, T.N.L.C is looking to become “The Next Life Changer” in the music industry as an independent artist.

Nearly losing his life due to his own umbilical cord choking him at birth, Cris growing up as any other child dealt with Asthma coming to his life at the age of 8. He says to this day asthma is slowly gradually in and out of him. “It's like a love cycle, yet I don’t enjoy asthma.” He laughs a bit and continues “Life is still beautiful and these things shouldn’t be a reason for me to stop what I want to be. Live your life cuz we only live it once. Love one another as we don’t know when our last day is to come and May God Bless!” 

If you’re looking to tap into that nostalgic emotion felt bop that easily transports you to a dimension of sentimental appreciation, then T.N.L.C has you covered with “Divine” aspiring from his first mixtape “Unexpected Changes”. His latest release captures a glimmer of new wave charisma as it simmers in a pool of old-school Hip-hop tenors. The presence that comes to the forefront in his tonal distinction is unmatched. 

You’re fluently drawn towards the mesmerizing grasp of T.N.L.C’s distinct performance. He effortlessly extends an invitation to his fresh rhymes that remain timeless in a fully seasoned era of wordplay. T.N.L.C even went as far as to pair an easy-going visual that casts a gravitational pull out into the universe as his message in “Divine” is well received by his listeners far and wide. 

The wit he carries as a wordsmith teleports your mind to encyclopedia pages as he is a walking preacher. Taking lyrical dexterity to another level, T.N.L.C is a hybrid of his own. 

“I just study everyone around me, you know? I truly know that if I commit myself to creating new challenges for me, literally nothing can or could stop me. And right now I work a 9-5 job just to barely survive. I take these days in and one day when I truly know that I made it, I'll thank myself for never giving up. How I see it is that I couldn’t disappoint my younger self. We all have that side, but sometimes this world we live in disintegrates us.” 

T.N.L.C shows no signs of weakening as he has been working on his Debut Album unleashing Fall 2021 “Shoes of A Beginner, Mindset of A Winner”. Realistically, it’s anticipating experiencing his growth as an avid supporter. Cris continues to garner attention from a wide-ranging audience. Depicting vivid imagery in the lyricism he displays, T.N.L.C is on the right path to becoming an extremist in the Hip-hop industry.



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